Group income statement

For the year ended 31 December
20082009Figures in millionNotes20092008
SA Rands  US Dollars
29,77430,745Gold income2,33,7683,619
(22,558)(23,220)Cost of sales4(2,813)(2,728)
(6,277)(11,934)Loss on non-hedge derivatives and other commodity contracts36(1,533)(297)
939(4,409)Gross (loss) profit (578)594
(1,090)(1,275)Corporate administration and other expenses (154)(131)
(113)(87)Market development costs (10)(13)
(1,037)(1,217)Exploration costs (150)(126)
(29)(80)Other operating expenses5(8)(6)
(15,379)5,209Operating special items6691(1,538)
(16,709)(1,859)Operating loss (209)(1,220)
536444Interest received35466
33852Exchange gain 1124
185(249)Fair value adjustment on option component of convertible bond (33)25
(926)(1,146)Finance costs and unwinding of obligations7(139)(114)
(1,177)785Share of equity accounted investments’ profit (loss)894(138)
(18,058)(1,173)Loss before taxation9(121)(1,377)
(15,979)(2,345)Loss after taxation from continuing operations (268)(1,180)
  Discontinued operations   
198Profit from discontinued operations1325
(15,781)(2,345)Loss for the year (268)(1,155)
  Allocated as follows   
(16,105)(2,762)Equity shareholders (320)(1,195)
324417Non-controlling interests 5240
(15,781)(2,345)  (268)(1,155)
  Basic and diluted (loss) profit per ordinary share (cents)14  
(5,140)(765)Loss from continuing operations (89)(385)
63Profit from discontinued operations 8
(5,077)(765)Loss (89)(377)

ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI Annual Financial Statements 2009